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At New Union Brewery we are excited to tap into the deep history of brewing beer in West Michigan, which is seeing an incredible resurgence of late. The original Union Brewery was formed in 1862 downtown Grand Rapids. We wanted to pay respect to this history with our name, and yet acknowledge that the new brewing scene is much changed from where it was 150 years. Even in the 14 years of our brewing experience, the change seems to be exponential. Varieties of beer are blending and morphing while the varieties of hops available to brewers continue to grow. It is an exciting time to be turning a long time dream into a reality! New Union beers will seek to honor the beers that have withstood the test of time and also continually offer new varieties that reflect the continued growth of the art of brewing.

The project of opening a microbrewery has been several years in the making for us. Locations and opportunities came and went. We truly feel our patience has paid off with the opportunity to join the community of Lowell and to be given the responsibility of opening their first microbrewery. The people here have been nothing short of amazing so far and our hope is to continue to meet as many of you as possible as we find ways to integrate ourselves into the community. Of course, we will also love to share a beer with anyone that makes a longer drive to check us out.


Our tap house is open to the public and allows our customers to sit at the bar and look directly at our primary brew system while drinking a beer, which we feel helps to create a unique connection between customers and the beer they are enjoying. 

As is the trend for many microbreweries, we do not have a full food kitchen at this time. Our expertise is beer and this is where we want to keep our focus. That said, eating a meal at the brewery will always be an option. The hope is to promote the already fantastic restaurant options in Lowell by welcoming you to bring their food into our brewery to pair with our beer. 

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